Pengaruh Adopsi Information Technology Fashion terhadap Kinerja Keuangan Perusahaan dan Legitimasi Perusahaan

Andi Asrihapsari


This research aims to get empirical evidence about: the influence of information technology fashion adoption toward company’s financial performance and corporate reputation, and the influence of competitive strategy typology, information technology maturity, and firm size toward information technology fashion adoption. In this research, there are one independent variable namely information technology fashion adoption, two dependent variables namely company’s financial performance and corporate reputation, and also three antecedent variables namely competitive strategy typology, information technology maturity, and firm size. The method of gathering data applied in this research is survey with questionnaire instrument.

The population sample in this study was the entire restaurant and cafe company that provides free hotspot services in Indonesia. Sampling was conducted at the restaurant and cafe which provide free hotspots service in the region of Yogyakarta and Surakarta, with purposive sampling criteria. Based on the criterion of sample taking have been determined, a 42 final sample of research can be gained. In order to know about the degree of probability to adopt information technology fashion, 28 eligible samples is obtained to be analyzed. To analyze the data in this research, path analysis is used in which the data are processed by using SmartPLS ver.2.0.M3.

In general, this research indicates that information technology fashion adoption gives significant positive influence to company financial performance and corporate reputation. Information technology maturity and firm size give significant positive influence to information technology fashion adoption. On the contrary, the influence of competitive strategy typology toward information technology fashion adoption is not significant.


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