Intellectual Capital Disclosure and The Underpricing Of Indonesian Initial Public Offerings

Elok Sri Utami, Nurul Illiyyin, Tatang Ary Gumanti


Studies examining the relationship between the level of intellectual capital and firm values of public companies have been mounting. Yet, very view is devoted on those that are making initial public offering (IPO). For already publicly companies, intellectual capital disclosure can be seen in the annual report. For IPO, the information is embedded in the prospectuses. This study is aimed to analyze the influence of intellectual capital disclosure index (ICDI) and other variables including the prestige of underwriter, financial leverage, return on assets (ROA), and firm size on the extent of underpricing of companies making IPO from 2013 to 2017. The population consist of 125 companies. A total of 79 IPOs satisfied the sample selection criteria. Results using multiple linear regression analysis show ICDI, the prestige of underwriter, and company size have negative and significant effect on the level of underpricing. Whilst, financial leverage and profitability (ROA) are not the explanatory variables for the variation of underpricing.

Keywords: intellectual capital disclosure index, underwriter, firm size, underpricing, IPOs.

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